​The Early College Alliance (ECA) is a unique educational program designed to fully immerse high school-aged students into the post-secondary learning environment. ECA is a public, early/middle college program located on the campus of Eastern Michigan University. It exists in partnership with local school districts, including Washtenaw Intermediate School District.

The program gives students an opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school and offers strong, academically focused students a chance to enroll in advanced, college-level coursework. It also provides an alternative for students who are either struggling or don't feel connected to their school.

ECA allows students to:

  • Graduate from high school with a diploma and up to 60 college credits.

  • Attend classes on a university campus with support.

  • Learn in a college environment that fosters maturity and academic growth.

  • Gain vital skills for college success.

ECA is funded through a percentage of each district's foundation allowance and continues seeking additional funding through both public and private sources.

ECA is recognized by the Michigan Department of Education as a Four Plus One program. Students can participate in the program a year past what would have been their graduation year, while not negatively impacting the district’s Adequate Yearly Progress. This is an added benefit to the district and to the student.

To learn more about the ECA, email Ms. Crystal Jackson, call the ECA at 734-487-4290, or check out their website! Early College Alliance @ EMU.

The ECA & ECA Academy enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is now open! Online applications can be submitted by visiting the ECA's website here and clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button at the bottom of the page.

Online applications should be submitted by February 12 for the initial enrollment lottery. The ECA & ECA Academy will still accept applications after February 12, and students will be accepted into the program based on open enrollment slots per district.

Please email Mrs. Jackson with enrollment questions.