About WEOC

Washtenaw Educational Options Consortium is an organization comprised of the nine local school districts in Washtenaw County. These districts cooperate to provide a range of educational options to their students efficiently and cost-effectively. The WEOC is governed by the WEOC Joint Steering Committee comprised of the superintendents of each local district and the Washtenaw Intermediate School District. The WEOC JSC regular meeting schedule for 2018-19 is available on this website in Resources/Notices.

Better Together
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​Learner-centered secondary school options for all Washtenaw County students are possible because public school districts cooperate to make educational options available to their students without needing to bear the entire cost of the programs individually.

​Out-of-county students can access these programs through a School of Choice enrollment in a participating school district.

Technology Infused

​Each student has access to the technology needed to be literate in the systems that will be used upon entrance into college, technical training, or work.

Early College Credit​

​Students in some programs can learn the skills necessary to be successful in college and post-secondary training institutions, and earn post-secondary credits before they graduate from high school. All programs emphasize the demonstration and practice of critical 21st century skills such as planning, resourcefulness, collaboration, and thoroughness.


​Personalized programs are designed to capitalize on the choices and learning styles of individual students. Goals and skill-mastery are determined by the student’s skill set at enrollment.  Students progress through the curriculum as quickly as they are able to master the required skills, taking additional time as needed. Program size varies from 200 to 600 students.

Skill Based

​Each student is assessed on, and credit is awarded for, mastery of the skills and behaviors measured in the Michigan Core Curriculum Standards. The amount of seat time spent in a class does not guarantee a passing grade.


All of these programs feature a partnership of local school districts with support from WISD, higher education, businesses, and other community partners who have a commitment to developing entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.

Choice & Equity

​Programs are open to students of all collaborating districts. Enrollment is governed by the Washtenaw Educational Options Consortium, which responds to changing demographic trends in the county in setting enrollment parameters.